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Have a wonderful experience on the Frisian country side. 

Adventure, tactical and fun games or relaxation and mindfulness at about 1h drive from the major cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Groningen.

We highlighted 3 exciting activities for you.



1 – Cow hugging experience
Imagine what it feels like to hug a cow…
It is definitely a fun, exciting and above all a true mindfulness experience.
Picture yourself dressed in farmers clothes, wandering through a herd of cows. Enjoying the warm body temperature of a cow, listening to the slow heartbeat while a feeling of relaxation and calmness falls upon you.

Time: 3 hours
From: 6 – 250 participants
Costs p.p.: 25,00 euro (coffee/tea and traditional Frisian cake included)

* Individual Cow hugging bookings from 6 persons - Smaller group? Click to see our Cow hugging days


2 – Historical Escape Room - Beppe Afke
Go on adventure in our 150-year-old historical farm house escape room and start your search for the juwels of grandma (beppe_ Afke.)

Time: 2 hours
From: 2 – 50 players
Costs p.p.: 20,00 euro


3 – Dutch Panna Soccer
Play Panna soccer with our magnificent life size art cows!
Take turns and follow the rules of Golf. Score a Panna by shooting the ball between the legs of the cow.

Time: 1,5 hours
From: 2 – 150 players
Costs p.p.: 7,50 euro


  • Distance: Our dairy farm is only a 30 minute drive from our cultural capital Leeuwarden 2018 and Giethoorn. A one hour drive from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle and Groningen | Free parking / no traffic jam

  • Public transport from Amsterdam or Utrecht to Heerenveen: Bus 48 busstop Vierhuistervaart.



    Possibility for an overnight stay in one of our holiday homes:
    1 - Holiday home Boerin Baukje (2 - 6 pax) 
    2 - Holiday home Boer Theun (12 - 14 pax)
    Click to see our over night stays 


    Watch the new video of Lonely Planet to really get to know our Boerderijrecreatie

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    For more information or bookings please contact us at: 
    Tel. +31 (0)514 54 12 67
    Mob. +31 (0)610 01 86 83


    *We offer a special program for Travel agencies 


    The videos below depict our 150-year-old farm and the activities


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