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Who is the mole?

Will you find the mole? Or are you the mole?

In a series of different assignments, the mole can show his or her mole strokes. The challenge for the other players to pick it up and thereby indicate the correct mole.


A game with humor, excitement, action and a healthy bit of suspicion. Are you the mole sometimes?

Who is the mole?

Who is the mole? Lunch

  • Who is the mole

  • Lunch

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3 hours
Min 4 pers

How is the game played?

We use Whatsapp for this game. Via Whatsapp you can indicate at the start of the game whether or not you would like to be the mole. Then a leader is chosen who receives three envelopes containing the assignments. You and your team members try to score as many points as possible during the various assignments. And you wonder, is my teammate so clumsy by nature or…?
During voting rounds, you indicate who you think the mole is. During the mole talk at the end of the game you find out if the feeling is correct and who the mole is.

If you don't have a phone with you, there are other solutions.

Relaxed match feeling, with action and a lot of fun while playing.
This game is also very good for team building.


Farm recreation is located in Friesland on the Tjeukemeer near the village of Delfstrahuizen and Echtenerbrug. It is located between Lemmer, Joure, Sneek and Heerenveen and is easy to reach.

Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Zwolle and Leeuwarden are within an hour's drive.

Address: Marwei 124 B 8508 RH Delfstrahuizen
  • Children 0-4 free

  • Children 5-12 for half price

  • DEluxe variant: Start with coffee / tea and Frisian orange cake including a drink (€ 6.00)

  • This activity is suitable for: Team outings, Company outings, Family days and Group outings in Friesland.

  • Farm recreation is also accessible by boat.

  • View our brochure here

  • Farm recreation can be reached by public transport with line 48 between Heerenveen and Lemmer.

  • We can arrange an oldtimer bus for groups.

Useful information

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